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How to choose the right lighting source for your lamp

When we are talking about lighting we always focus on LEDs. Why? Because it saves so much money for the monthly bills. It also has a long life than most of the other lighting sources we can find in the market. It comes to a question like, is LED the only choice that we should consider when we are choosing a bulb for an existing lamp? Iron pipe lamp is one of the most popular decals for some modern homes. It creates a retro and industrial atmosphere for your place. We can see the below picture as an example:

As we can see in the picture, the iron pipe lamp and the Edison filament bulbs give us a very good looking picture and it seems like they are a perfect match as a light decal in the place. How about if we replace the Edison filament bulb with a energy saving bulb?

As we can see in the picture the mood of the light is totally wrong. The combination doesn't give the right atmosphere at all. Seems like a energy saving bulb is not a good choice for this iron pipe lamp.

In conclusion, energy saving is a very important issue when you are choosing lighting for your home but it should not be the only consideration especially when you are choosing lighting decals for your place. The color and the brightness of the light will also give us a very different mood so we will provide more photos to explain about the issue in our up coming post.

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