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Neon is a smart wearable product for bicycle.You can use Neon to display an image or/and GIF on your bike wheel, you can use our designed pics or even customize your own pics all by operating a cellphone APP. Beyond a bike wheel light, Neon combines the most desired biking-related features into a single awesome device, including a customized wheel display, social engagement app, ride data tracker, and a safety alarm. Aside from offering a fun and stylish appearance, it also allows cyclists to express their individuality, connect with others and improve their safety on the road. It combines advanced image processing and wireless communication technology, using of wireless handheld terminal device as a data transfer controller, the LED can show two-dimensional or 3D images in the rotational motion, which can replace the traditional LED display, to meet individual consumer's needs. This product has been integrated into the bike, outdoor advertising design, consumer electronics, toys and other industries, more and more users get the support and favor.


  • Wireless Transfer: fast speed (5 sencond upload time/picture)
  • Two Built-in Playlist: 18 Pics, or 2 GIF (8 Frames for each GIF)
  • Play modes: all repeat, interval play
  • DIY: instant photo themes; customize with text or pictures Social Interaction:    Messaging, map for locating other user
  • Riding Data Rocord: riding distance, riding time, maximum and current speed, road quality analysis.
  • Safety Alarm: abnormal vibration triggers anti-theft alarm (can be turned on/off in app)
  • Power Bank: 3000mAh, can be used as power bank with a special line
  • Water-proof/dust-proof:    IP65 Level, surface is totally sealing against splashed


  • LED Qty:    376
  • Net:        500g
  • Surface Color:    Yellow,Black
  • Support Size:    Fits 26' and larger bike wheels
  • Charge Mode:    USB Line (1M)
  • Transfer Model:    Bluetooth 4.0/3.0
  • Operating Sys:    Andrio & IOS
  • Light Range:    High-light, Standard, Low-Light
  • Format:        Gif,JPG,BMP,PNG
  • Riding Speed:    Above 10 km/h. Stable display
  • Sensor:        Gyro,Hall Sensor
  • Fixed Model:    Fastener
  • Battery:    3000mAh,Removable Li-battery (Runtime 4-10 hours, Charging time: 3-4 hours with 5V,2A charger)
  • Warranty:    6 Month